PT Indonesian Tobacco Tbk.

PT Indonesian Tobacco Tbk. is a manufacturing business organization that focused on processing tobacco leaves into finished good as Cut Tobacco in pack or internationally as Roll-Your-Own Tobacco packaging or in market terms as Shag Tobacco and packaged in a packs bag in gram size.

In the package contains of tobacco that has been processed, tastes, and attached with cigarette paper as a booklet which later by consumers are used to roll the tobacco into cigarettes. This finished good from PT Indonesian Tobacco Tbk. is packaged in gram weighted packaging and custom stamps has been attached to the products in accordance with applicable regulations.

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PT Indonesian Tobacco Tbk.

Jl. Letjend S. Parman No. 92
Malang-65122, East Java, Indonesia

Roll Your Own Tobacco


+62 341 491017


+62 341 491407