PT Indonesian Tobacco Tbk.

Corparate History, Development & Achievement

Until 2019, history, development and achievements of PT Indonesian Tobacco Tbk. can be classified into 3 periods:


1960 - 1980

Situation when the couple Chandra Saksono had to start his own small business, after leaving his job as a Chinese school teacher who had to be closed at that time. The condition forced Saksono couple to start a small business, produced hair oil with the concept of a home industry and sell it to several shops in Surabaya as a consignation and at that time ‘Radia’ was used as the name of the business. From this point, it was learned that roll your own tobacco products were selling very well in the market, and so that Chandra Saksono couple started their business making roll your own tobacco product, with the concept of a home industry and their products were sold around stores in the Kembang Jepun – Kenjeran area, Surabaya.

The production process of hand-rolled tobacco products, which was originally managed in the backyard by Saksono couple, turned out slowly but surely began to be known by its customers by using the name of the Kuda Terbang and Pohon Sagu. The roll your own tobacco product which was only sold around Kembang Jepun – Kenjeran Surabaya, gradually began to spread to Pontianak and several areas in Papua. The automatic production process has increased so that it requires a broad business location and selected warehouses around Surabaya Kenjeran. And since the early 1970s until towards the end of the 1970s, the production process was carried out at Kenjeran Surabaya’s warehouse.

Because of the fire accident in the Kenjeran warehouse around 1979, the Saksono couple had to turn over the strategy and retain the existing products and market demand, finally it was decided to temporarily reduce production.

1981 - 2000

Because of fire accident in the Kenjeran warehouse, Saksono couple must maintain their business and find a broad business place to meet the increasing market demand. And at that time Saksono couple got a warehouse offer in Malang. So with all the effort and struggle; this warehouse in Malang was bought. And the business that used the name Radia changed its name to NV. Indonesian Tobacco & Industrial Company (acquisition and merger) in accordance with the warehouse permit in Malang, which eventually changed its name to PT Indonesian Tobacco.

All production processes in the Surabaya Kenjeran warehouse are eventually transferred to Malang and the Kenjeran Surabaya warehouse is sold to another party. The brands of lampion Lilin and Anggur Kupu began also launched at this time.

Around the end of the 80’s the son of Saksono couple namely, Mr. Djonny Saksono began to enter this business and helped marketing and production as well as doing a lot of business management improvement. The production process which was initially from the home industry into manufacturing with a production tonnage of around 250 tons to 300 tons per year, slowly but surely, increased to around 500 tons to 600 tons per year. In this period export sales to Malaysia and Singapore began with product brands such as Butterfly and Pohon Sagu.

2001 - to date

During that time there were many changes to the structure of workers in the production department, increased work capacity and efficiency carried out during this period, as well as the company’s achievements for ISO 9001: 2008. Launching of new premium tobacco products under Manna as a brand. Opening new markets in the Sulawesi area precisely in Gorontalo and Manado and market penetration in West Kalimantan, especially in the Pontianak and Ketapang areas with Manna.

The sales of Manna started to get a positive response from customers and began to gain market shares in West Kalimantan, Gorontalo and North Sulawesi, so the sales of Manna began to contribute revenue for PT Indonesian Tobacco Tbk.

In 2017, continuous improvement and structured market penetration will apply Kupang area with Anggur Kupu.
The Opening of a new export area and launch of a new brand of Papillon tobacco in Japan.

And in management and good corporate governance, management increase ISO 9001: 2015 certification and managing business administration system administration processes using SAP Business One.

In 2018, the increase in production capacity will be 1,800 tons per year and will be accompanied by the placement of a new unit in the form of the Hauni KT2 tobacco chopping machine in the primary processing line to support the improvement of product performance and quality.


Marketing Area

Until June 2019, the packaging tobacco products from PT Indonesian Tobacco Tbk. has been exported to Malaysia, Singapore, Japan and Aruba. Whereas in the domestic market area is still dominated by cities outside Java.


PT Indonesian Tobacco Tbk.

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