A Brief of The Company

PT Indonesian Tobacco Tbk.

Business Description


PT Indonesian Tobacco Tbk. is a manufacturing business organization and its business focuses on processing tobacco leaves into finished products in the form of IRIS tobacco in packaging or termed in international terms as Roll Your Own Tobacco Product or in terms of the market is Self-rolled Tobacco or Tobacco Shag and packaged in packs bag in gramasi.

In the package it contains tobacco that has been processed and tastes and is attached with a cigarette paper book which the consumer will use to roll the tobacco into cigarettes. Finished products from PT Indonesian Tobacco Tbk. This package is packed in gramasi weight and is attached to the State Excise Tape with the applicable provisions.


Legal Entity and Organization

PT Indonesian Tobacco Tbk. is a manufacturing business organization in the form of a Limited Liability Company whose ownership is owned by Djonny Saksono as the largest shareholder, namely 90% and 10% ownership by PT Anugerah Investindo, notarized in the Notary Deed Junjung Handoko Limantoro, SH; Number 43 dated May 24, 2016.

Production Process

Production Process

Production Process


PT Indonesian Tobacco Tbk.

Jl. Letjend S. Parman No. 92
Malang-65122, East Java, Indonesia

Roll Your Own Tobacco


+62 341 491017


+62 341 491407